The Push to Receive Push Notifications

WhatsApp Turn on Notifications ScreenWhen I got my first phone the only two things that needed my attention where actual calls and text-messages. Quickly after that a calendar app followed and email was added. Now, on my iPhone I receive messages through over ten different apps. Ten different apps competing for attention and being used by different groups of people to send messages. No wonder people are changing their phones to become distraction-free.

I keep trimming it down. Not accepting new social networks, not jumping on the new messaging platforms when they pop-up. Moving most apps from my home screen to the second or third screen and disabling most notifications. Especially this last option brings a lot of freedom. No notifications, no alerts. Only see the messages when I open the app. And I really like how Apple gives me complete control over notifications and the notification center. Making my phone, my phone.

However, there is a new trend amongst social and messaging apps. I noticed it the first a few weeks back when Facebook Messenger showed me this message, And now every time I open WhatsApp: a splash screen that pushes me turn on notifications again. The notifications I purposely disabled. And they don’t ask me once or twice, no: EVERY TIME I OPEN THE APP.

I changed the default for a reason. Stop making me fit your ideal scenario and use case.

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